Rapid Tooling

Rapid Tooling At BEST Zhongshan,, with orders of more than 100 parts, we will consider Quick Turn Tooling, Injection Molding for plastics and Die Casting for metals. Materials could be plastics and metals. We can make rapid tooling for various [...]


CNC Machining

CNC Machining We can offer fast turn-around, multi-axis, high-speed CNC machining solutions to fulfil most requirements for concept models, prototype parts and low-volume production components. We are able to machine directly from your 3D model and can supply parts from [...]


Die Casting

Die Casting BEST Rapid uses a customised frame system or existing mould-base with standard tooling components. Compared with conventional die casting tooling, this manufacturing process can help you save up to 40% in both time and cost from a standard die [...]